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San Francisco Fire Engine Tour Business – Now 50% Off!!!

1 Comment 14 February 2011

Many of you remember the historic Firehouse 33 at 117 Broad.  This unique San Francisco property had a long history on the market while the search for new owners, ready to respect the building’s history and integrity, were sought out.  In 2010, when I took over the listing of this unusual San Francisco home, the property was featured on Yahoo.com in their real estate and finance sections, NY Times , Zillow, Curbed SF, CNN Money, and SFGate, JUST to name a FEW!

And after 3 years (and 5 agents before me), I can proudly say that I helped sell Firehouse 33 for $875,000 in December!  The new owners, also in love with the integrity of the Firehouse, have promised to cherish and preserve its history!

But, the story of the Firehouse and its place in San Francisco history isn’t completely over!

Robert and Marilyn Katzman, the sellers of Firehouse 33 after living there for 33 years, had hoped to find someone that was ready to slide into their entire fiery lifestyle, which included the Firehouse, the memorabilia and their amazing World Famous San Francisco Fire Engine Tour Business. However, the new owners of Firehouse 33 already had careers they loved and they had their own furnishings.

And so, once the Firehouse sold, it was time to finish the rest of this chapter for the Katzmans.  They had an estate sale so mind-blowing that it was even covered by the California Home & Design Blog, and this took care of the memorabilia.  But San Francisco Fire Engine Tours & Adventures still has not found the right owner.

They started the business in 1998 and in a short time the business’ popularity had spread like a wildfire all over the world.

Featured in guide books worldwide in a variety of languages and featured on The Travel Channel, regional travel shows, on airline arrival films, news & magazine travel articles and web sites, create an ongoing demand for this tour.  But it is the AMAZING word of mouth advertising that REALLY separates this tour business from the rest!  And now, it’ll be much more affordable for the right person(s) to step into the Katzman’s fireboots… and make it their own!

So now, with two big parts of this chapter of the Katzman’s firelife complete, they have decided that the best way to sell a fire related business is, well, to have a FIRE SALE! 🙂

The business (when it was listed together with the Firehouse) was listed at $249,000.  But as of today, the Katzman’s will entertain offers starting at $125,000!!! Yes folks, that’s 50% off!

To further entice you, here’s a little note from the Katzmans to give you a glimpse into the life they’ve enjoyed while running the San Francisco Fire Engine Tour Business:

“It was our dream to become part of the fabric of San Francisco. We Love This Beautiful City and we had always loved taking friends and visitors on adventures. When The Big Red Shiny ’55 Mack Fire Engine came into our lives, our entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear.  We knew there was something magical about this Fire Engine and we were right .  Everyday is filled with smiles and happiness and to be able to make a living having so much fun has been a dream come true”.

So, if you have always dreamed of making a living entertaining people in your own unique show on wheels (or maybe just got bit by the bug while reading this post) please give me a shout! Whether you have lots of personality, energy and desire OR just have the talent to hire the right people to work for you, this may very well be the opportunity of a lifetime for you!

It’s the perfect time of the year to get up to speed before “the season”.     And at 50% off, you can now afford to get behind the wheel of the amazing San Francisco Fire Engine Tour Business yourself!

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A San Francisco Studio Condo for $220,873!

Comments Off on A San Francisco Studio Condo for $220,873! 06 April 2010

Some of you may have heard about the San Francisco’s Below Market Rate Housing Program.  It allows would-be homebuyers with income that is somewhat restricted to actually buy a home of their own. 

The purchase price and resale price of these units is restricted by the City, so you’re not going to earn as much appreciation as you would in a a market value unit, but you ARE able to purchase something when otherwise, you might not be able to do so AND you are paying yourself instead of a landlord.

The studio condo in the picture is ready and waiting for a new buyer for the bargain price of $220,873!

Only 1 occupant is allowed to live in the unit and the income MAXIMUM is $67,750.  For more pictures and more details on the unit, visit the public link on the SF MLS.

But the listing agent does a pretty good job of describing the condo on her blog:

Built in 1906, the stunning brick and limestone facade reminded me of the timeless beauty of the historic brick buildings that I grew up with back east.   

The building’s interior has elegant original details interspersed with stylish modern murals.  For relatively low HOA fees, residents enjoy a rooftop deck and a gym in addition to other common meeting spaces and laundry facilities.

Inside the studio, the light from a large, street-facing window gleams off of beautiful hardwood floors and a modern stainless steel countertop.  Although small, the studio is smartly designed with space-maximizing storage solutions. 

The best features of this condo are the location and the price.  Busy professionals and students will appreciate how close the building is to all major forms of transportation that will quickly take them anywhere in San Francisco and allow them easy access to the East Bay, Peninsula and the South Bay.  Additionally, there are several spacious common areas that allow a party to continue when the last guest has nowhere else to stand but in the bathroom.

So if you’re in the market for something small, but efficient and your income doesn’t exceed $67,750 – this might be the home for you!

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Please, Won’t You Be My Neighbor! SF Ocean View Flats for Sale!

Comments Off on Please, Won’t You Be My Neighbor! SF Ocean View Flats for Sale! 18 January 2010

Ocean Beach Living!

Ocean Beach Living!


It’s always a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  If you read the blog regulary, you know I live here on Great Highway in the Outer Sunset. 

You’ll also know that I LOVE my neighborhood.  Even on a crappy day like today, with the wind blowing and the rain pouring, I can sit in the comfort of my very own house and watch the Pacific Ocean waves land on Ocean Beach. 

It’s a different vibe over on this side of San Francisco.  There’s an amazing community feel, and the local businesses are fantastic.  Whether we’re talking about the Riptide Bar or Noriega Produce or Java Beach or The Pizza Place, you’d be hard pressed to find another group of business owners in the City that care more about their neighborhood than these folks do.

And, we also have amazing neighbors.  People actually care about the neighborhood and they get involved.  And with Carmen Chu making herself available to the community to both hear our concerns and respond to them (yes, she listens AND acts on what she hears!  Crazy, right?) the hood just gets better and better.

So, I’m thrilled to announce that you’ll have an opportunity to be my neighbor.  We won’t be living next door to each other, but when you live on Great Highway, all of your nighbors feel close, even if they’re a few blocks away.  And better yet, your neighbors become your friends! 🙂

I won’t give you the whole spoiler about the listing because I think to REALLY appreciate it, you need to see it for yourself.  But the website, www.2458-2460GreatHwy.com will give you a little tease as to what living at the beach can be like.  Besides the ocean views and daily access to sunsets over the horizon, and your own ginormous landscaped yard perfect for parties (complete with bonfire pit!), you get an enclosed outdoor shower (the folks at Socketsite should appreciate that!) where you can get down to your birthday suit and not be afraid of neighbor’s prying eyes.

The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

Check out the website (www.2458-2460GreatHwy.com) or give me a call at 415-307-1392 for more info. 

And, “Won’t you please, please won’t you, please…….. Please won’t you be my neighbor???  Hello Neighbor!”

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What YOU Can Buy in San Francisco with 3.5% Down

2 Comments 14 October 2009

San Francisco FHA Loans

Nope, I didn’t stutter.  You still CAN buy a home in San Francisco with just 3.5% down.

There are lots of restrictions, certain buildings don’t qualify, interest rates are slightly higher, but honestly, for many people, it is THE ONLY WAY that they’ll ever be able to buy a home.

FHA loans work for single family homes, and certain condos.

Single family homes that are habitable are a no brainer in terms of an FHA loan.

Some older condo buildings are on FHA’s approved list.  Other units can qualify for an FHA loan with “SPOT” approval (a post for another day). 

But until recently, buyers who wanted a low down payment on a condo in a new development had few options.

The nice thing is that NOW, many of the new developments in San Francisco have gone out of their way to get themselves FHA approved, which means that you can plop your 3.5% down payment right down on a shiny new condo. :razz:

Some of the developments that are FHA approved and offering 3.5% down (or in some cases higher):

  • SoMa Grand
  • Esprit Park (currently 10% down, but 3.5% is around the corner)
  • The Montgomery
  • Blu
  • Arterra (last I heard it was 10% down, but may already be 3.5%)
  • Candlestick Point – The Cove

I’ll update this list as I get more confirmations.

AND rumor has it that legislation IS coming down the line that will give ALL of these new developments the opportunity to take your 3.5% and shove it )(right in to a shiny new condo, that is!) :lol: 

Stay tuned for more FHA updates.

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Design Above All 2009 at San Francisco’s One Rincon Hill

Comments Off on Design Above All 2009 at San Francisco’s One Rincon Hill 12 October 2009





When I was invited to Design Above All, I thought I was pretty cool in terms of getting a “media” pass.  Being a real estate blogger sometimes has it’s priveledges.  But I’ve been to the One Rincon Hill development and sort of thought to myself, “How great of a time can this event possibly be?   It’s not like I haven’t seen staged homes before and hell, isn’t this really just high end staging?”

But, it did sound intriguing. 

So I went to the event with low expectations and allotted a mere smidge of time to look around.  I hopped on the elevator, rode to the 53rd floor and THAT is when I started drooling.  The units were so remarkably designed that I lingered in each and every room for FAR longer than I expected.  Each unit was just amazing, and I had the added pleasure of watching the Blue Angels practicing there formations as they flew around the City. 

The 4 condos where designed to the nines by four local bay area designers.  The idea was that each designer got an “imaginary” client with a backstory.  One condo was for a Google executive, one for a retired couple from Atherton, and two others that I honestly don’t remember because I was so overwhelmed by the design elements that overtook me at ever space. 

And not only are the units absolutely incredible. they are also FOR SALE!   The prices range from $3.1M to $3.6M depending on the furnishings that the views, and YES, they come FULLY FURNISHED!!!

If you’re interested in purchasing one (or all four!) of these amazing units, give me a holler – I realllllllly want an invite to the house warming party!   :lol:

Some info from the press release:

Styled by a mix of established and up-and-coming Northern California interior designers and design firms, the 53rd floor residences in San Francisco’s 64-story landmark residential tower showcase the finest interior design styles, home furnishings and accessories from SFDC showrooms.  Design Above All will run for six weeks, starting this Saturday, Sept. 19 through Nov. 1, 2009, at One Rincon Hill, 425 First St., in San Francisco’s SoMa District.

“This unique focus on the trend of high-rise living gives an interesting twist to the traditional decorator’s showcase concept,” said Rhonda Hirata, marketing director for the SFDC. “One Rincon Hill is a landmark and an ideal venue to showcase the creativity of the regions’ top designers and the Design Center’s showrooms.”

Four Northern California-based design firms were selected to implement their visions for an entire condominium home, ranging in size from 1880-1957 sq. ft.  The firms are:

  • Carver+Schicketanz, Carmel, Calif.  
  • Eugene Anthony and Associates, Ltd., San Francisco 
  • Labexperiment, San Francisco
  • Donald Joseph Inc., Sacramento, Calif.

Providing inspiration for the design challenges and opportunities inherent in high-rise condominium living, the homes will be open for public viewing each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for six weeks, beginning Sept. 19.  The expanded final weekend schedule will include both Sat., Oct. 31 and Sun., Nov. 1. Admission is $20 and benefits three local charities: PAWS (www.pawssf.org), Food Runners (www.foodrunners.org) and At the Crossroads (www.atthecrossroads.org).  During the event, the fully-decorated homes will also be offered for sale, with prices set on Sept. 19. 

One Rincon Hill, the setting for this unique event, is a soaring new high-rise residential development that has become one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks and among the tallest buildings on the skyline, in part due to its location atop Rincon Hill, the last buildable hill in the city and the ‘first attraction’ visitors see as they cross the Bay Bridge into the City. One Rincon Hill is at the heart of the growing SoMa District, where dozens of high rise towers have sprouted up in the City’s fastest growing micro-neighborhoods.  The entire 53rd floor of One Rincon Hill is dedicated to the Design Above All event, and each home will showcase the tower’s magnificent floor-to-ceiling views of the City and the Bay, with bold looks created by four noted designers.

Hirata said it is interesting to see how the designers approach the dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and jaw-dropping views, while also addressing space issues and distinctive layout features common to modern high-rise condo towers sprouting up everywhere.  The designers have also considered the lifestyle of typical condo residents, whether they are a young professional couple with dog, a Silicon Valley executive on-the-go or an empty-nester couple trading suburban sprawl for a fresh urban lifestyle. 

According to Mike Kriozere, principal of Urban West Associates and developer of One Rincon Hill, the four designers each bring a different perspective to Design Above All, offering unique ideas and clever solutions — and even some whimsy — which visitors can incorporate in their own high-rise home.

“The San Francisco Design Center has created a tremendous opportunity for people to explore the possibilities of condo living and see how good interior design can contribute to this continuing urban lifestyle trend,“ said Kriozere, who was also among the esteemed panel of judges which selected the designers: Sarah Lynch, executive editor, California Home and Design; Heather Luplow Hartle, editorial + creative director, California Home and Design; Cherie L. Turner, editor, The Nob Hill Gazette; and, Michael Bauer, executive editor, San Francisco Chronicle.

“We’re excited — and honored — to host this unique design happening at One Rincon Hill,” added Kriozere, “And we look forward to welcoming design enthusiasts, as well as the condo-curious, to the see the spectacular views from our 53rd floor residences — both inside and out.”

Design Above All,” inspiration for luxury high-rise living 2009, is open to the public Sept. 19-Nov. 1, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Saturdays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., at One Rincon Hill, 425 First St., San Francisco. Tickets are available at the door or online at www.sfdesigncenter.com.  Admission is $20 (includes parking) and benefits three local charities: PAWS (www.pawssf.org), Food Runners (www.foodrunners.org) and At the Crossroads (www.atthecrossroads.org). Group rates available and must be arranged in advance.  For more information, call (415) 490-5820 or visit www.sfdesigncenter.com

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Coming SOON! Single Family Home in Noe Valley: 2BR 1BA $699K

1 Comment 21 July 2009



Yes, you read that list price correctly. 


It’s not a short sale, it’s not an REO, it’s a single family home in Noe Valley that’s been in the same family since the 1960’s!

Built in 1900, it’s a 2BR 1BA single family home with a dining room that is move-in ready.  It has new carpets (with softwood floors under the carpet that can be refinished), new appliances in the kitchen (including a Wolf stove and stainless steel fridge) but could use a little TLC to make it really sparkle.  It is also is zoned RH2, so the possibilities are endless.  There is no parking, but most of the neighbors have added a garage at street level. 


We will be setting an offer date for this property but I wanted to give my blog readers a heads up that it’s coming, it’s coming soon, and it won’t last long!


Call me at 415–307–1392 or email me if you have questions!


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Newest Zephyr Real Estate Listings

Comments Off on Newest Zephyr Real Estate Listings 08 May 2009

Every week, Zephyr Real Estate puts out a handy list of our newest listings.

Remember, I help people buy listings whether they are Zephyr listings or not. 

And don’t forget, you can know everything that’s on the San Francisco market in real time.  Just like a REALTOR, you’ll get access to ALL of the listings in the MLS. 

Unlike other Real Estate search sites, Zephyr MLS Direct gives you the most complete, accurate and up-to-date listing information available, which lets you find properties as soon as they hit the market. 

It also lets you save your searches and new listings that match your criteria emailed to you as soon as they hit the market!  And you can save your favorite properties, watch them go into escrow, and if they’re in your “favorites” folder, you can even see the price they sold for (which we all know is super secret data.)  You also get notified of any changes that occur to the property listings that match your criteria AND Friday Open House reports.  Cool or what?

You’ll have to give up some personal info, and “agree” to work with me as your REALTOR (it’s a technicality that the MLS requires), but I NEVER EVER EVER hold you to it.  To really build a client/agent relationship, we have to meet in person to decide if we’re a good fit to help you achieve your real estate goals.  And you’ll have to CONTACT ME to make it happen.  WHY?  Because I’m just not into stalking and I’m easy to find. 

Want your own MLS access?  You can SIGN UP HERE.

And in the meantime, check out the latest Zephyr listings here.  You can call me at 415–307–1392 or email me if you have any questions.

1e – Outer Richmond, $700,000. Single-Family Home

5126 Anza St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,670 | MLS#: 356065

Excellent opportunity for first time buyers! Single Family Home with 1670 Sqft per tax records on 2,500 Sqft lot near Sutro Heights for $700,000. Top floor has formal living & Dining rooms & one bedrooms with a bath plus laudryroom. Additional two rooms and bath down with unwarranted kitchen. One… >> Request more detail


2b – Outer Parkside, $849,000. Single-Family Home

1978 45th Ave, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 4 | Baths: 3 | Sq. Ft.: 1,945 | MLS#: 356220

This beautifully updated 3-level home has rooms for all your needs! The tastefully remod. kitchen opens to an L-shaped dining area/living rm with gleaming hardwood floors and corner FP. The top floor master suite includes a cozy sitting area.The lower level has the 4th BR,an unwarranted 3rd bath and… >> Request more detail


2d – Parkside, $749,000. Single-Family Home

2238 21st Ave, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 4 | Baths: 2.25 | Sq. Ft.: 1,850 | MLS#: 356111

Move right into this nicely remodeled and meticulously maintained home in prime Parkside! Hardwood floor, Spacious Living Room w/Fireplace, formal Dining Room, remodeled Kitchen w/granite countertop and breakfast nook, two bedrooms in the back, and 1 ba complete the Main Level. Built with permits,… >> Request more detail


2e – Central Sunset, $715,000. Single-Family Home

1735 34th Ave, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.: 1,552 | MLS#: 356247

Charming two bedroom one bath Central Sunset Home on the market for the first time in 35+ years. Ocean views from the living room and dining room. Room down. Two car tandem parking. Skylights in kitchen and bathroom. Hardwood floors throughout. Walk to Noriega Street stopping and dining. Open Sunday… >> Request more detail


2f – Inner Sunset, $929,000. Single-Family Home

1767 17th Ave, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356197

Unbeknownst to those passing by on the street, this classic Inner Sunset home has the most amazing ocean views – framed by floor to ceiling windows in living and dining rooms – views enjoyed from the deck, yard and 2BR (unwarranted) in-law as well. Meticulously maintained and immaculate throughout,… >> Request more detail


5a – Glen Park, $559,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

158 Laidley St #4, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.: 930 | MLS#: 356390

6% Fractional Financing Available! Top floor. Stunning eco-modern renovation of mid-century view property, finished to highest standards of any new construction you’ll find in the City. Fabulous neighborhood. Sweeping views. Eco-friendly bamboo floors, wool carpet, low VOC paint. Bosch appliances,… >> Request more detail


5c – Noe Valley, $925,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

49 Jersey St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.: 1,622 | MLS#: 356186

Renovated top floor view condo in elegant 2-unit bldg, just 1/2 blk to Church/24th/MUNI! Flexible floorplan set up as 3BR. 1-car pkg. Renov kitchen has 2 sinks, granite, glass+wood cabs. Renov bathroom. Custom built-ins. Classic Edw. facade recently painted. Splendid, unique view down pretty… >> Request more detail


5g – Corona Heights, $1,295,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

164 Beaver St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 2,564 | MLS#: 356038

Corona Heights! 180 degree PANO VIEWS! Pristine, spacious 2 level condo! Custom built in 1936 with beautiful details intact. Huge living room with views, wide plank oak floors and wood burning fireplace. The large master suite on the lower level also has views and is above the garden so is very… >> Request more detail


5g – Corona Heights, $969,000. 2-4 Units

350-352 Corbett Ave, San Francisco

Bedrooms:| Baths:| Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356119

If you are looking for outdoor space, the upper level owner’s unit of this well-maintained two unit building has two! The entry deck is enhanced by bay views and the lush walk-out garden is easily accessed from the home’s beautifully remodeled kitchen. The sunny living/dining rm enjoy a fireplace… >> Request more detail


5k – Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights, $3,250,000. Single-Family Home

765 Sanchez St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 2.75 | Sq. Ft.: 3,271 | MLS#: 356034

A rare opportunity in Dolores Hts: Custom built in 1959, and never sold before, this home represents a perfect marriage of traditional and modern architectural styles. Gracious volumes and breath-taking views enhance the experience of every room. Features include a light-filled entry w/dramatic… >> Request more detail


5k – Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights, $799,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

125 Eureka St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,500 | MLS#: 355799

125 Eureka is a charming turn-of-the-century Victorian flat combining exciting updates with period detail. Functional floorplan with 2+ bedrooms, master bath, split second bath, in-unit laundry, and a large utility closet that doubles as a multi-use room. Formal dining room can easily convert to… >> Request more detail


5m – Mission Dolores, $695,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

130 Landers St #F, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,145 | MLS#: 356218

Stylish designer townhouse condo in award winning Church Street Gardens complex designed by Architect Stephen Roake. Built in 1983.Upgraded features include slate floors,designer track lighting, Karastan carpeting, stainless steel appliances,walls of mirrors to reflect the gardens.Unit has walk out… >> Request more detail


6c – Lower Pacific Heights, $1,075,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

2033 Pine St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,600 | MLS#: 356389

>> Request more detail


6c – Lower Pacific Heights, $899,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

2185 Bush St #307, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,290 | MLS#: 356259

Large, bright, top floor unit at The Amelia with 3 bedrooms, 2 (updated) bathrooms, high ceilings, washer/dryer in unit, wood burning fireplace, new carpet in bedrooms, secluded patio, balcony overlooking Fillmore St., deeded parking, and Earthquake Insurance. Best location in Lower Pacific Heights… >> Request more detail


6f – North Panhandle, $743,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

702 Broderick St #C, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 3 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356167

Broderick Row painted lady, 3 legal units & has won the condo lottery! This unit is huge & is on 2 levels w/ witches cap turret attic room & great NOPA views. Three bdrms, 3 baths w/ bay windows, fireplace & skylites! Master bdrm has deck&french drs. Lndry hk-ups. Brackets, medallions, period… >> Request more detail


6f – North Panhandle, $543,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

702 Broderick St #B, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356181

Broderick Row has this beautiful lady as part of her landscape & now you can own it. This main level, 2 bdrm, 2 ba unit has beautiful period details. The LR hosts bay windows & fireplace with original mantle. The kitchen is adjacent to a dining area & is open to the living quarters, perfect for… >> Request more detail


6f – North Panhandle, $249,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

702 Broderick St #A, San Francisco

Bedrooms:| Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356182

Garden unit with private, gated entrance. Large studio/jr. one bedroom with windows overlooking yard. Private deck and shared deck. Closet, large bathroom. Parking extra, $20k for garage, $10k for driveway, $30k both. Offers Monday, May 11th, 12pm! >>  Request more detail


9a – Bernal Heights, $829,000. Single-Family Home

560 Gates St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 2.5 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356130

Prepare to be WOWED! Beautifully remodeled three level Bernal home entered through lovely, enclosed garden. Main level has an open living/dining room, gourmet kitchen with laundry and sliding glass door leading to rear garden. Half bath on this level. Upstairs is a master suite with wonderfully… >> Request more detail


9a – Bernal Heights, $749,000. Single-Family Home

169 Nevada St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.: 1,215 | MLS#: 355833

This comfortable Craftsman style home is situated just north of Cortland Avenue.It features pano views,hdwd floors, 2 nice sized bedrooms on the main floor, a walk-out deck from the kitchen,and bonus room upstairs. There is a landscaped mature garden out back. There is a 1 bedroom in-law (not… >> Request more detail


9c – Inner Mission, $725,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

2743 Harrison St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sq. Ft.: 1,480 | MLS#: 356172

Beautiful remodeled condo with formal dining room, eleven-foot ceilings, and lovely garden with fruit-bearing trees. Warm inviting kitchen w/granite counters, custom wood cabinets, large island, modern appliances. Updated bathrooms with marble cabinets and countertops. Newly refinished hardwood… >> Request more detail


9c – Inner Mission, $559,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

3452 18th St, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 1 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.:| MLS#: 356342

Top floor Condo blends best of period detail w/ modern convenience.You will appreciate the aesthetic of the light filled custom eat-in kitchen.Comfortable living room w/built-in media center.Generously sized bedroom w/south facing bay windows & walk-in closet. Tastefully remodeled bathroom.Green… >> Request more detail


9e – Potrero Hill, $889,000. 2-4 Units

994-996 Carolina St, San Francisco

Bedrooms:| Baths:| Sq. Ft.: 2,844 | MLS#: 356338

994-996 Carolina St. is a two unit building filled with light and original Edwardian detailing. The upper unit is on two levels and has 4BR/1.5BA The spacious living/dining room has panoramic views of Twin Peaks, and leads to an updated kitchen. The lower unit features one bedroom and one… >> Request more detail


9f – South of Market, $609,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

59 Rodgers St #A, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 1 | Baths: 1 | Sq. Ft.: 1,171 | MLS#: 356324

Hip & wonderful top-floor loft in boutique brick conversion building. An abundance of natural light comes from 3 large industrial skylights and full wall of west-facing windows. Remodeled KIT with great attention to detail makes entertaining easy. High ceilings throughout. Spacious office area that… >> Request more detail


9f – South of Market, $579,000. Condo/Co-op/TIC/Loft

50 Lucerne St #11, San Francisco

Bedrooms: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Sq. Ft.: 1,100 | MLS#: 356152

First Sunday open: May 10th. In a 12-unit association, this is a superb & spacious top floor SOMA loft in a great central location, combining warmth, serenity, and the ‘wow’ factor. (Two closets upstairs. Half bath on main, full bath up. Operable skylight.) Common roof deck, furnished, with… >> Request more detail


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REALTORS Scare the Crap out of SOMA Grand Developers!

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It’s just like the story of the three little pigs…. REALTORS are apparently the big bad wolves that are going to HUFF and PUFF and BLOW the big developers down!

I caught this great post today from the folks at Curbed SF. 

The folks at the SOMA Grand seem to be AFRAID of San Francisco’s real estate agents.  It looks like they sent around an email to Joie deVire’s reward program members that mentions:

“When you visit (Joie de Vivre property SOMA Grand), we will offer you a free night’s stay at one of our hotels.*

Want another bonus? When you buy without an agent, you will receive up to $10,000** in Joie de Vivre hotel stays, upgrades, amenities and services!”

HA!  Are these folks for real???

Guess they’re afraid of the guidance that a buyer that’s represented by a REALTOR might bring to the table.

Gee, we might tell get our client MORE incentives, LOWER prices, RATE BUYDOWNS and more…

At some new developments, good agents have been able to get their clients a few hundred thousand dollars in combined savings and incentives!!!!

So, let me see – you can either go to the developer yourself, get a free hotel night and a whopping $10K in savings and hope and pray that the developer will have your interests in mind during the entire transaction….


You can go with an agent, get up to several hundred thousand dollars (not in every case, but HUGE savings are the norm these days and amounts will vary based on developer, starting price of the unit and more) in savings and incentives and know that you have a dedicated advocate on your side each and every step of the way.

Oh, and if you’re looking for information on what kind of price reductions and incentives the developers of the various new condos in San Francisco are offering these days – shoot me an email or call me at 415–307–1392.  I keep my finger on the pulse of the market and can help you get a great deal no matter which new development you want to call “home.” 

And what the hell, if you ask me to represent you in the purchase of new construction condo in San Francisco, I’ll even one up the SOMA Grand guys and throw in a gift certificate for a free weekend getaway (contact me for details) at the close of escrow so you can spend the weekend celebrating all of the money I saved you on the purchase of your new home.   

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San Francisco Pocket Listings

Comments Off on San Francisco Pocket Listings 24 February 2009

I usually don’t post the pocket listings on this hear SF real estate blog, but two of these listings are mine (noted with a “*”), and hell, it’s my blog, and I just can’t help myself! 

3321 17th Street #15* – This 1BR 1BA top floor CONDO is located in (arguably) one of the City’s hippest neighborhoods, the Inner Mission. The condo features a smart & efficient layout, bay windows, hardwood floors, an efficient kitchen and in-unit laundry! BART is just a block and a half away, and the Valencia Corridor is just as close. Skip the car payments, the car insurance, the parking lease payment, the parking tickets and the outrageous gas prices – the home’s Walk Score is a whopping 97! AND Zipcar & City CarShare are close-by in case you need wheels. Come for the price, stay for the lifestyle!   Priced at $395,000.

300 Judson* – This Sunnyside single family home is across from San Francisco City College (it overlooks the greenbelt and the college).  It is a 2BR, with a formal dining room, bonus room downstair situated on a large corner lot with fruit bearing trees that you’ll be able to enjoy once you get rid of the weeds in the yard.  The kitchen and bath need some love too, but even so, the place is move-in ready and craves your personal touch to really make it shine. Priced at $599,000.

Duboce Triangle CondoThis is a top floor 1BR 1BA There is a large tandem parking space and additional storage in the garage.  Located on the corner of Scott and Waller, the unit is sunny and has windows on the south side of the unit, as well as on the west in the bedroom.  It is a Victorian building, so the unit has high ceilings and hardwood floors. The unit will be on the market in early March, but is easy to show before that time.  List price will be below $600k.

Pacific Heights Single Family Home – Thoughtfully remodeled 3BR 2.5BA mixes old world charm with contemporary finishes.  Features include a flexible floorplan, stone fireplace, 2 car garage, steel reinforced foundation, and much much much more.  Priced at $2.45M.

If you’re interested in any of these listings, give me a call at 415–307–1392 or email me.

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New Construction Steals and Deals in San Francisco

Comments Off on New Construction Steals and Deals in San Francisco 22 January 2009

I’ve been hitting up some of the newer developments in San Francisco over the last month, and it seems that every place I’ve visited, the sales people have hinted (and in some cases blatantly blurted out) that if I buyer is interested in something, to just make a lowball offer. 

At one Mission Bay development I visited, the salesperson said that the developer is pretty much accepting offers $100K under asking and it is pretty standard practice these days and was pretty much considered a done deal in many instances.  And if a buyer wanted other incentives, such as upgrades, paid HOA dues, credits and more would be considered as well.

And according to today’s San Francisco Chronicle, my observations that many sellers are ready to wheel and deal were confirmed.  Many developers are now making their discounts and incentives public and are actually advertising them.

According to the article, the City’s new developments that are making announcements that they are ready to deal are:

  • The Millennium Tower
  • The Radiance
  • One Rincon Hill
  • Artani
  • Argenta
  • The Highpoint
  • The Cubix

But I’ve also heard of amazing deals at:

  • The Infinity
  • The Hayes
  • The Arterra
  • SoMa Grand
  • Symphony Towers
  • The Montgomery
  • Candlestick Point

Almost all available units at the various new condo developments in SF are offering some kind of concessions on price or a variety of other bonuses.  If you’ve been thinking about buying new construction in San Francisco, you are in luck.  If you want more info, give me a holler.


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