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What’s the Right San Francisco Neighborhood for You?

Comments Off on What’s the Right San Francisco Neighborhood for You? 21 February 2011

There are just under 100 unique and distinct districts in San Francisco according the the San Francisco Realtors Association.

Other sources will list just over 100.  But no matter how you count them, there’s no denying that there’s A LOT of variety when it comes to what neighborhood you ultimately choose to call “home!”

Whether you like your neighborhoods full of nightlife vs. life on the quiet side, completely urban vs. bordering nature, or if you prefer your shopping high-end vs. funky and thrifty, there’s a neighborhood for you here in SF.

You want views? Hills? Public schools? Walkability? Something trendy? Something polished? Something family oriented? A single person’s dream? San Francisco has it all.

But how do you decide which San Francisco “Nabe” is right for you?

Well – I suggest using BOTH of these sites to find out.

1)  Visit Zephyr Real Estate’s neighborhood guide. Zephyr has 89 districts in San Francisco and has broken them up into little blurbs of digestible information.  Neighborhoods have a description, photos, links to available homes for sale, real estate market statistics, demographic info, and in many cases, even a  short video highlighting the neighborhood in greater detail.  It’s polished, easy to read and the SF real estate stats and available listings are constantly updated.

2) Visit NabeWise. This site splits SF into 104 districts (frankly, more accurate than our SF real estate board if you ask me – Lower Haight gets its own home here, whereas our board lumps it into Hayes Valley.)  The only way I can really accurately describe this site is the Yelp! of local neighborhoods.  It features a neighborhood summary, highlights, lowlights, maps, trends and most importantly, in my opinion, reader reviews.  People can post photos, videos and review their own neighborhoods and those which they frequent.  You get a glimpse of the neighborhoods both through the eyes of locals and those that step foot there along their travels.  You can see who lives there (hipsters, beautiful people, students, liberals) and so much more.  I personally just started playing with the site and managed to squeeze out one review of the Outer Sunset. But so far, I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s opinions of the various San Francisco hoods.

So, Zephyr Real Estate’s neighborhood guide will give you the polished presentation that markets each neighborhood, while NabeWise will give you an insider’s scoop and actual people’s perceptions of every nook and cranny in San Francisco that you’d want to call “home.”

And of course, if you’re considering buying or selling a home in any of these awesome neighborhoods, well, you know who you can call! 😉

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Single Female in Search of Home for Sale

Comments Off on Single Female in Search of Home for Sale 17 February 2011

The title of the post almost sounds like a personal ad, right?

Well I was taking a look at my list of San Francisco clients that are looking for a home or have recently purchased a home and I realized that about 35% of them are single women.

While it does appear that I tend to work with more single female home buyers than national averages, across the country, I did find some interesting statistics while searching the net:

  • Single women make up more than 20% of home buyers
  • Single women buy twice as many homes as single men
  • Single women make up more than one-third of the growth in real estate ownership since 1994
  • Not bad for girl power, eh?

    The demographic includes all women, including never married, divorced or widowed.

    Each person’s motivations for buying a home is, without a doubt, different.

    Past generations waited for Mr. Right to come along and give the poor helpless female financial security.

    But TODAY’S woman is ready to take her financial destiny into her own hands. According to an older article from USA Today:

    The trend is striking, because in 1981, the number of single women and single men home buyers was virtually the same. Since then, the percentage of buyers who are single women has almost doubled, while the percentage of single men buyers slipped 1 percentage point to 9% last year.

    The article goes on to say:

    “For the first time in history, women have access to the same resources men have always had — money, social status, power,” says Donald Hantula, professor of organizational psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia.

    “Women can go and acquire them on their own rather than searching for a mate to provide them. These demographic and social changes are not in line with how we adapted in the hunter-gatherer era.”

    In SF, women have a number of options when it comes to buying a home. My clients’ searches have included houses, condos, TIC’s, lofts, fixer-uppers, new construction, Victorian architecture, modern design and so many other variables that there’s just too many to list.

    And now that we are seeing some better deals in the San Francisco housing market, I’ve been getting more calls from single women ready to take the plunge and buy a home. In fact, now that the real estate prices have softened in SF, I’ve gotten calls from some past single female clients that are ready to jump in and buy investment property, with a big enough down payment, they are actually able to see a positive net gain on a rental property in San Francisco.

    If you’re a single woman and you’re thinking about buying property in San Francisco, whether for your primary residence or for investment purposes, give me a holler – I’m happy to help you decide whether now really is the right time for you to buy.

    Oh, and the embedded video??? Just a gratuitous baby dancing to the Single Ladies song because who doesn’t like to watch babies boogie!

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    THE 7 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco!

    Comments Off on THE 7 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco! 11 February 2011

    Here’s a little sumptin sumptin from this week’s edition of Zephyr Real Estate’s “The Market Tracker”.   Besides getting the scoop on ALL of the recently sold AND recently listed properties in San Francisco, you also get cool little SF Tidbits like this one.  Sign up today so you don’t miss out on the bi-weekly awesomeness in your inbox!

    7 Best Neighborhoods in the City

    7X7 Magazine recently ranked the Best 7 ‘Hoods in San Francisco. Here are the results:

    Best For Families: OUTER SUNSET. 30% of the homes have kids, several high-ranked public schools, the ocean, parks, golf and the zoo.

    Best Transit: DOWNTOWN/SOMA. Market Street corridor, BART, six MUNI lines, countless bus lines.

    Best Restaurant Scene: THE MISSION. 84 Zagat-rated restaurants.

    Most House for the Money: NORTH PANHANDLE (a.k.a. NOPA). Average $243 per square foot, $635K median sales price.

    Safest: THE PRESIDIO. 19 crimes per half-mile radius.

    Most Walkable: LOWER PACIFIC HEIGHTS. The strip of Fillmore from Sacramento to Eddy has just about everything you could need within a few blocks. Dining, shopping, live music, parks, and even a good hospital (CPMC).

    Most Luxurious: SEA CLIFF. Oceanfront property and a median sales price of $2.4 Million says it all.

    More Notable Numbers:
    Youngest Denizens: THE MISSION. Average age is 34.
    Oldest Denizens: CHINATOWN. Average age is 48.
    Most singles: CASTRO. 66% Single (followed by Marina with 62%).

    NOTE: Information was presented by 7×7 Magazine and gathered from 511.org, Craigslist, City and County of San Francisco, Crime Mapping, Golden Gate Mothers Group, Great Schools, Trulia, Yelp, the US Census Bureau, Zagat and Zillow.

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    TGIF San Francisco! Frickin TGIF!

    Comments Off on TGIF San Francisco! Frickin TGIF! 11 February 2011

    Man, what a week!  I feel like I’m running on empty and am looking forward to getting a few hours to refuel this weekend!

    I’ve been a little light on the San Francisco real estate postings, but between writing offers for clients and working on getting an FHA Short Sale listing pre-approved by the lender in the fabulous Diamond Heights Village (which, by the way, this large 1BR unit has some AMAZING views of San Francisco!  and a pool at the complex to boot!), prepping a magnificent single family home listing in the Inner Sunset (3BR’s, Edwardian details and a yard that forces you into a state of deep relaxation), fighting various wars against technology (the machines are winning…. grrrrrr!) AND overcoming the spring fever caused by last week’s February heat wave here in SF, I’ve just been too swamped/unfocused on blogging to put out a worthy real estate related post.

    And today, well, today it not much different, except I do get to catch up with some clients and finally see their little boy!  AND celebrate another client’s birthday too, so at least I’ll get to play a little in between working a lot!  🙂

    But I DID want to quickly share with you a reminder that when I’m not writing about SF real estateand all the other awesomeness this City has to offer here on this blog, I’m reading about it and sharing the scoop on my Facebook Page (which also feeds to my Twitter Account if that’s more your style.)

    A few examples of recent tidbits that I shared?

    So don’t forget to “like” my Facebook Page or Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on the various articles that relate to SF real estate, mortgage tidbits and general awesomeness (or in some cases, like Leland Yee’s tolerance for torturing sharks, crappiness) that goes on in San Francisco and beyond!

    But that being said, you know I love me some SF real estate, 😉 so Monday you’ll be able to check back here and get a scoop on the latest market conditions.

    In the meantime, TGIF and wishing you an AMAZING weekend! 

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    Win Play Tickets! Just Share Your Favorite San Francisco Quote!

    Comments Off on Win Play Tickets! Just Share Your Favorite San Francisco Quote! 08 February 2011


    Like free stuff?  Like San Francisco?  Like doing free stuff in San Francisco?

    All you have to do is submit your favorite quote about San Francisco, either in the comments below or by email no later than 5pm on Friday the 11th for your chance to win!

    (And the quote doesn’t have to be real – I just found out one of my go to Mark Twain “quotes” about San Francisco’s infamous weather wasn’t even really said by Mark Twain! My life has been changed FOREVER!)

    Win a pair of tickets to the West Coast premiere of Harper Regan at the SF Playhouse and  choose the performance you want to see – either Tuesdays 7 PM, Wednesday 7 PM, or Thursday 8 PM, now through February 17th.

    From the National Theatre in London comes this riveting drama named “Best Play” by the Guardian UK newspaper.  For moe information, visit www.SFPlayhouse.org.

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    Doggone It – Where Will San Francisco’s Dogs Go and Play?

    Comments Off on Doggone It – Where Will San Francisco’s Dogs Go and Play? 07 February 2011

    Adopt a Dog from San Francisco's Animal Care and Control

    We San Franciscan’s love our dogs.  In a 2006 National Geographic article, it’s estimated that SF has 745,000 human residents and 110,000 canine ones!  (And a gratuitous plug here, the pic up top is from the the Animal Care and Control’s website.  His name is Moe and YES, he is available for adoption, as are dozens of other cuddly and loving animals!)

    We REALLY do love our dogs.  And we love the various places we can take them.  Fort Funston, Crissy Field and Ocean Beach are just a few favorite places to let our four legged friends frolic.  But a lot of them are a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) and to make a really long story short – your dog’s favorite place to burn off some energy may become a “No Dog” zone!

    Supervisor Carmen Chu was kind enough to share the below information about the proposed changes as well as ways for you to give YOUR input on what to do with San Francisco’s parks.  They might be Federally owned, but it’s San Francisco’s citizens that use them on a daily basis, and we deserve to make our input heard!

    Here’s the scoop from the newsletter:

    GGNRA dog management plan

    The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), a Federal agency, recently released their Dog Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The voluminous document and its recommendations would have significant impact on use of Ocean Beach, Fort Funston, Lands End, Sutro Heights, Baker Beach, Fort Point, Fort Mason and Crissy Field. The document is available at all San Francisco Public Libraries and also online at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/dogplan

    The Dog Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement presents several different alternatives for each park in the GGNRA, ranging from “no dogs” to severely restricting off leash areas. Our office wanted to make you aware that public comment on the plan will be accepted through April 14, and that it is important that the GGNRA and National Park Service (NPS) hear the concerns of San Francisco residents.

    How to comment:

    Fort Mason, Building 201

    San Francisco, CA 94123

    Public Meetings:

    • March 2, 4 – 8pm , Tamalpais High School, Marin County
    • March 5, 11am – 4pm, San Francisco State University, Seven Hills Conference Center
    • March 7, 4 – 8pm, Fort Mason Bldg. A, San Francisco
    • March 9, 4 – 8pm, Cabrillo School, Pacifica

    Comments will be considered during development of the final plan, which is expected to be completed by late Spring/early Summer 2012. When making your comments, please refer to the specific area of the plan you would like to see changed, and your ideas for alternatives.

    If you have any further questions about the Dog Management Plan/Draft EIS, please call the GGNRA at 415-561-4728.

    The GGNRA is the nation’s largest urban national park, and includes areas of San Francisco, San mateo and Marin Counties.

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    Get Over Yourself, San Francisco (Except You *ARE* Marvelous, Baby!)

    Comments Off on Get Over Yourself, San Francisco (Except You *ARE* Marvelous, Baby!) 03 February 2011

    According to KCBS, San Francisco is the vainest City in the United States.  Now, JoMama, a commenter on KCBS’s story so eloquently puts, “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in everyway.”  (JoMama’s statement is so awesome, that I’m going to pretend she really spelled “every way” and not “everyway” – but hey, we NEED a little Wabi-Sabi to REALLY be perfect, right?) 😉

    The article goes on to say:

    A survey by the online magazine The Daily Beast ranks the city by the Bay as the most vain city in the country, more narcissistic than New York or Los Angeles.

    The survey’s criteria compared how much people spend on personal trainers, spas and cosmetic products, and where the populations rank on the obesity scale.

    Healthy San Francisco aside, the KCBS and Chronicle Insider believes banning toys in Happy Meals and similar legislation under the rule of two consecutive glamorous mayors, Willie Brown and then Gavin Newsom, only make the city seem that much more self-absorbed.

    SFist also picked up the story.  And they didn’t try to dispel the myth of SF’s perfection (and c’mon, we know San Franciscan’s are perfect – even our gas smells like roses!), they did point out that vanity, actually has NOTHING to do with “how much city residents spend on average a month on personal-care products and services such as cosmetics and spa treatments; the percentage of the city’s population not overweight; and the percentage of the population that belongs to gyms.

    In fact, vanity has to do with excessive pride in one’s appearance or conceit (ok, have you SEEN the folks at Critical Mass, for instance? conceited?  really? self-righteous, maybe, but conceited?), or something without real significance, value, or importance.  (Um, I don’t see how maintaining a healthy weight to try to keep from having a heart attack is without value or significance.)

    In fact, we here in San Francisco, care about things outside of ourselves.  We constantly make the list of the Greenest Cities in the U.S.  We helped to spread the idea of “no kill” animal shelters to the rest of the country and beyond.  We’re charitable.  We have the 18th largest economy IN THE WORLD! And we know how to have a good time! 😉  SF ROCKS!

    So really, we’re not vain, we are just confident.  I’d even go so far as to say that we’re cocky! 😉

    But just like JoMama said, “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in everyway!” 😉

    Have an amazing weekend you MARVELOUS San Franciscans!  You’re so perfect, there’s no way that you can’t!

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    San Francisco Real Estate Trends at a Glance

    Comments Off on San Francisco Real Estate Trends at a Glance 03 February 2011

    Want a brief look at San Francisco Real Estate Trends?  Of course you do!  That’s why you’re reading a Real Estate Blog aren’t you!?!?!

    These statistics are for ALL of San Francisco, and I can GUARANTEE you that YOUR neighborhood WILL be different.

    Email me and I’ll send you detailed information on your SF hood, whether that’s the Outer Sunset or Outer Parkside, Golden Gate Heights or Pacific Heights, Potrero Hill or Nob Hill, Twin Peaks, South Beach or any other San Francisco neighborhood in between!  Real Estate is local and San Francisco real estate is especially neighborhood-specific.

    At a glance, Median Prices are trending up (multiple offers based on some aggressive pricing strategy is helping that trend!), Inventory is increasing (and we’re seeing some good stuff out there people!), and Average Days on Market is trending down (whether it’s another sign of aggressive marketing or a sign of a recovering market – it’s too early to tell.)

    Misc Musings from Your San Francisco Realtor, San Francisco Local Resources, San Francisco Neighborhoods, San Francisco Real Estate

    A San Francisco Map Like You Haven’t Seen Before

    Comments Off on A San Francisco Map Like You Haven’t Seen Before 02 February 2011

    SF Typographic Map

    I have awesome friends & blog readers.  Stuff I wouldn’t find anywhere else come jumping into my email inbox on a pretty regular basis.  For a while there, I had stopped blogging about San Francisco Real Estate (and all of the other awesomeness here in San Francisco), but now that I’m back to cranking out blog posts, I can start sharing the awesomeness with you once again.

    Like today.  I got an email that said “something for you to blog about” with a link.

    Curiosity piqued, I opened the link and *VOILA!* Awesomeness!

    The link took me to a magic page where it said:

    Axis Maps is pleased to announce the release of our mapping / art project Typographic Maps. Created as a labor of love, these unique maps accurately depict the streets and highways, parks, neighborhoods, coastlines, and physical features of the city using nothing but type. Only by manually weaving together thousands upon thousands of carefully placed words does the full picture of the city emerge. Every single piece of type was manually placed, a process that took hundreds of hours to complete for each map. Take a look at our blog for more on how these maps were made.

    We offer high quality poster-sized prints for $30, or a variety of other size and media options.

    Oh yes, my friends!  An ACTUAL map of San Francisco using NOTHING BUT TYPE!  We’ve seen other cool maps out there, but the details on this one probably take the cake!

    If you care, there are also maps of Chicago and Boston, with a few more that are on their way – but we all know that anything related to San Francisco is ALWAYS BETTER! 😉

    Misc Musings from Your San Francisco Realtor, San Francisco Local Resources, San Francisco Places

    Break Your New Years Resolutions with the Top Five Candy Shops In (and around) San Francisco

    Comments Off on Break Your New Years Resolutions with the Top Five Candy Shops In (and around) San Francisco 01 February 2011

    New Years’ Resolutions are SO January 2011.  It’s February and you should really be over them by now.

    And if you’re not, Haute Living is going to help you do just that.

    Get your San Francisco candy fix on.  Screw the resolutions – you can always make new ones for 2012! 😉

    Top places to get your sweet tooth on?

    1) Z. Cioccolato
    2) The Candy Store
    3) Powell’s Sweet Shoppes
    4) Fiona’ Sweetshoppe
    5) Sweetdish

    Fair warning,  not EVERY shop is in SF….. but I guess there might be life in other cities too (just like on Mars!) 😉

    For the full breakdown – check out the article.   Oh yeah, and that song that’s now stuck in your head????  Sorry ’bout that! 😉

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