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Looking for Love (More Outer Sunset Street Art)

1 Comment 12 April 2011

Outer Sunset Street Art

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It’s a beautiful day outside.  But I’m sick, indoors, cranky and trying to stuff myself full of Vitamin C and Zinc.

But life outside continues.  Sunday I brought you a shark, today it’s a mouse.  And it’s looking for love.

I’m not sure who this artist is, but I wish I had more info.  I do notice that I it’s changed my life in a little itty bitty way.

Until I noticed this street art sprouting up in the Outer Sunset, I found myself overly-focused on what I was doing, looking down and hurrying through life.

But the last few weeks have been a little different.  I am constantly looking up.  Constantly searching for little bits of treasure hidden on SF’s utility poles.  And it’s actually made life more interesting.

So whoever you are, please don’t stop.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s intrigued, interested and grateful for the little smiles you’re adding to life through these carved wood surprises. 🙂

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San Francisco Real Estate Update – March 2011

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Yet again, Luba’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog brings you latest San Francisco Real Estate market report here. (You can also view previous market updates by selecting the archives on the upper right portion of the screen). Heres’s a little glimpse of the report:

Median Home Price Continues Rising

Trends at a Glance
(Single-family Homes)
Mar 11 Feb 11 Mar 10
Home Sales: 203 116 220
Median Price: $765,000 $645,000 $789,500
Average Price: $1,054,979 $812,615 $1,097,489
Sale/List Price Ratio: 99.6% 98.1% 99.8%
Days on Market: 67 81 54
Mar 11 Feb 11 Mar 10
Condo Sales: 206 160 222
Median Price: $636,000 $565,000 $655,000
Average Price: $720,802 $672,836 $741,291
Sale/List Price Ratio: 97.4% 97.8% 97.7%
Days on Market: 69 84 70

After hitting a two year low in January, the median price for single-family re-sale homes rose 18.6% in March from February. Year-over-year, the median price was off for the seventh month in a row, falling 3.1%.

After falling to their lowest level since January 2009 in February, home sales bounced back last month, which is normal for this time of year, and rose 75% from February. The 203 home sales last month were 7.7% lower than last March.


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Watching Out for Sharks in the Outer Sunset

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I know I should be blogging about San Francisco real estate, but instead, I’m running around trying to keep up with active buyers, both in and out of escrow, and getting some listings up and running!  (In fact, check out this 1BR steal of a condo in Diamond Heights and this 2BR 2BA 2PK condo in NoPa for some AWESOME opportunities!)

So when things calm down, I’ll have some more real estate posts for you soon – but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some more rogue Outer Sunset art with you.

And you know what, readers?  If you’re stopping by to check out my posts, you are sweet. 😉  But I promise, I won’t bite. 😉

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Tulips and Nervous Virgins in the Outer Sunset

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First, out here on the Great Highway, we had to SURRENDER!

Now, there’s Tulips and Nervous Virgins.

Our utility poles in the Outer Sunset are just getting more and more interesting…………



Outer Sunset Art

Click to Expand

Outer Sunset Art

Click to Expand

Misc Musings from Your San Francisco Realtor

San Francisco Real Estate Blog Back in No Time

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This week is a bit hectic.  With buyers in escrow and new listings coming on the market, as well as a few personal items on the agenda, including (ahem) getting a year older, I just want to let SF real estate blog readers know I’m gone for a few days, but not forever.

Hang tight, and we’ll be back to regular randomly scheduled programming soon. 😉

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San Francisco Real Estate Seeing Lots of Dead Presidents

1 Comment 17 March 2011

So sales of homes in San Francisco are well, moving like hotcakes.  Multiple offers seem to be the new norm for any property that’s cute and priced right.

This week, Zephyr real estate reported 29 sales in the company (these are sales that just went into contract, but haven’t closed yet) and 13 of those had multiple offers and 14 went over the asking price.  There’s still old inventory being eaten up (I just got an accepted offer on a place that’s been on the market 100+ days) but the new, cute, well-priced listings are MOVING!

Out of the last 5 offers I’ve written for clients, 4 properties received multiple offers.

But what’s MORE interesting, at least in my opinion, is that we seem to be seeing a major resurgence of the all cash offer!

Yup.  In the last few weeks, the words “all cash offer” are a phrase I’m hearing on a daily basis.  Lenders are talking about it.  Escrow officers are talking about it.  And without a doubt, real estate agents are talking about it.  I recently put in an offer on a property with clients that had a cash offer.  We came in 12th out of 13 offers, and our offer was accepted.  And then just yesterday, I helped clients (they did have a loan) get another offer acepted.  12 offers were received by the listing agent and THREE of them were all cash.  In January, I had clients beat out on an 8 offer situation where the highest bidder was an all cash offer.

But what does this all MEAN?

Someone asked me the other day, “Why the hell would enyone ever tie up so much money in San Francisco real estate?”  Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here, but it might mean that the folks that are smart enough (or lucky enough) to amass a giant pile of cold hard cash seem to think that dumping all of their dough into real estate RIGHT NOW is a smart investment decision.

Prices don’t seem to be going any lower and with sales spiking upwards and prices creeping upwards, it might be safe to deduce that the bottom of the SF housing market has come and gone.

And here’s the thing, the theory that interest rates are low and THAT’S why it’s a good time to buy don’t apply to the cash buyer.  Interest rates don’t affect them.

I’d love to hear from some of you cash buyers, or even agents with cash buyers whether my theories are sorta correct or completely far fetched.  You can drop a note in the comments, or if you want to keep yourself anonymous, email me.

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San Francisco Real Estate Fast Facts – February 2011

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San Francisco Association of Realtors District Map

For those of you that like your San Francisco real estate market data without commentary, here ya go.  Take a look, check it out, come to your own conclusions.

Or – you can always ask me questions.

Fast Facts

(Editor’s Note: Set forth below are Unit Sales/DOM/Monthly Supply charts for the month of February for single-family homes, condominiums and 2-4 units, as well as Supply/Demand, Sales Rate and Median Price charts for the same month.)

Single-Family Homes


2-4 Units


NUMBER OF UNITS is the equivalent of number of sales/transactions. For condominiums, each unit is treated as a sale. For 2- t 4-unit buildings, the “building” is treated as a sale.

NUMBER SOLD is the number of properties in the market segment that closed escrow during the month.

NUMBER FOR SALE is the number of active properties on the market for one day or more during the month.

MEDIAN PRICE (SOLD) reflects the “middle” price point of a group of properties that have successfully closed escrow on a monthly basis, i.e. half sold for more and half sold for less than the median price. Tracking the movement of median prices over time provides a good indicator of the direction market forces are moving.

If the percentage change is positive between the two periods then there is upward pressure on prices in that market segment. If the percentage change is negative between the two periods then there is downward pressure on prices in that market segment.

AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET (DOM) reflects how long it has been taking (on average) to draw an offer on a reasonably priced property exposed to the market. The AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET is defined as: The average number of days it took all of the properties that went under contract during the period to accept a first position offer.

MONTH’S SUPPLY OF INVENTORY (MSI) is a measure of how long it would take, in months, to sell the existing inventory at the current sales rate for the specific neighborhood and property type. The MONTH’S SUPPLY OF INVENTORY is defined as: The number of active properties on the market for one day or more during the month, less the number of properties that have been withdrawn or expired, divided by the number of properties that have gone under contract during the month.


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Meet Curbie, San Francisco’s Newest Survivor Champion!

Comments Off on Meet Curbie, San Francisco’s Newest Survivor Champion! 15 March 2011

Just so you know, it’s not that I’ve been avoiding the topic of San Francisco real estate – in fact, there’s all sorts of action happening.  But I’ve been too swamped juggling offers, upcoming listings and escrows to effectively write about it.  I, and just about any other SF Realtor, can tell you things are picking up here in the SF market, but I’ll save that for another day.

Today, I wanted to share a little video with you and ask for your help.

We all know that rodents can be a nuisance.  They are destructive, cause property damage, and have inspired more than one cartoon where a woman jumps up on a table and screams.

And while you don’t want the little (or big) critters in your homes, rat poison is not the answer!!!!

Meet Curbie.  Curbie was found on the Curb (thus the name) after street sweeper one day.  Curbie didn’t look well.  He was docile.  Not like your average wild rat.  My boyfriend chased him across the street to some bushes so he’d at least have some cover – we live down in the Outer Sunset by Ocean Beach and there’s a hawk on just about every block down here, and they’re all competing for food with the neighborhood kitties.

A few days went by, and Curbie still wasn’t doing very well. He was still in the same spot where my boyfriend had left him.  And he wasn’t acting very wild.  He looked sick.

So, my boyfriend captured him, put him in a box and started to feed him hoping he’d get better.  After doing some research, it began to look pretty obvious that Curbie was poisoned.  Feeling bad for the critter, and not wanting to watch him suffer, we began looking for help, and found it at Wildcare an organization that works “to make sure all species can coexist– not just by treating sick or injured animals (over 3,000 of them a year), but also by teaching people how to live peacefully with wildlife and by advocating for better protection of wildlife and our remaining open spaces”.

Curbie, thanks to the friends at Wildcare, made it out ok. His release video is above, and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss him – he’s THAT fast, THAT fiesty, and THAT much better.

But there are other Curbies out there and the rat poison problem doesn’t lie so much with the rodents themselves (though, really, if you think it’s an acceptable to leave an animal to die slowly by internally bleeding for a week or more, you’re pretty much an A**hole), but lies in an even bigger problem – the fact that prey feed on the rodents and then they, too, get sick and die.

Information from Wildcare‘s site:

Every year WildCare admits predatory animals like hawks, owls and foxes that have eaten rodents poisoned with anti-coagulant rodenticides (rat poisons).

The rodenticides currently on the market are advertised as “strong enough to kill in one dose,” and they do kill rats (slowly and painfully of internal bleeding), but it can take up to seven days for the rodents to die.

In that time, a desperate rodent can enter the food chain and carry the deadly poison to any animal that picks him up as an easy meal.

That hawk or owl dies too unless proper treatment can be administered immediately.

So what can YOU do?

You can help in two ways.

First – STOP USING RAT POISON!  There are many humane options for removing rodents.  I prefer the humane trap and release traps.

And second – donate to Wildcare.  They do a lot more than just rescue wild animals like Curbie.  They offer an interactive experience where people can truly understand what it means to co-exist with wildlife around us, even here in San Francisco.

And Curbie?  Well, as you can see, he’s got a second chance at life.  And the singing at the end of the video?  Yeah, that’s me.  Let me know if you know anyone ready to cut me a record deal. 😉


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San Francisco Sunday Streets Schedule Announced for 2011!

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Sunday Streets is back for 2011!  The kick off event is coming up THIS weekend and runs along the Embarcadero.  As of now, the outlook looks to be a little rainy, but really, if all you got it a little sprinkle, I know you’ll still have a good time!

And the events usually run till just about 2pm, so you still have plenty of time to visit all of those Open Houses in SF too! 😉

Visit Sunday Streets for more info!

Sunday Streets 2011 Season Schedule (subject to change):

  • March 20: kick off event along the Embarcadero from Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Bay;
  • April 10: Great Highway and Golden Gate Park; ‘Penguins to Penguins’:
  • May 8: Mission route, including the popular route along 24th and Valencia Streets;
  • June 12: Bayview route, 3rd Street from Mission Bay, Dogpatch to the Bayview Opera House;
  • July 10: Great Highway route #2;
  • August 14: Civic Center/Tenderloin route;
  • September 11: Western Addition route, including North of Panhandle, Alamo Square and Fillmore and Japantown neighborhoods;
  • October TBD; Mission route #2

This year’s event calendar features monthly events from March 20 through October of 2011, with events occurring on the 2nd Sunday of each month starting in April.

Sunday Streets 2011 Season continues the tradition of visiting diverse communities throughout the City with a variety of routes in different neighborhoods. While returning to popular areas along established routes, 2011 events will extend into new neighborhoods and include more diverse program elements that highlight each neighborhood’s unique character and often overlooked community attractions and institutions.

Returning activities include the ever-popular bike programming: free bike rentals offered by Bike & Roll, Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours and Blazing Saddles, bike safety courses presented by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Presidio YMCA’s Y Bike Program, as well as bike maintenance programs and adult bike education. The CA Outdoor Rollersports Assoc and David Miles, aka ‘The Godfather of Skate’ will bring out a mobile roller disco with free skate rentals, and the YMCA of San Francisco will coordinate activities for children and families through local YMCA branches near each route.


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Reminder that San Francisco is Earthquake Territory Too….

Comments Off on Reminder that San Francisco is Earthquake Territory Too…. 11 March 2011

As we all know by now, a giant earthquake hit Japan and has causes some intense devastation, including Tsunami waves that made it all the way out to our very own coast (albeit it they were a foot and a half tall when they got here.)

So, now’s as good a time as any to take a quick look at whether or not you’re prepared for the next big one here.

72hours.org has all the deets, as well as info on where to get more info on being prepared, but a quick summary of what you’ll need in your earthquake preparedness kit can be found below.  And if you feel like you might want to go above and beyong the basic survival preparedness (think “how to cook a rat”), you might want to check out this post. And in the meantime, print out the list below and get your earthquake kit in order.

Your basic emergency kit should include:

Water – one gallon per person per day
Food – ready to eat or requiring minimal water
* Manual can opener and other cooking supplies
* Plates, utensils and other feeding supplies
First Aid kit & instructions
* A copy of important documents & phone numbers
* Warm clothes and rain gear for each family member.
* Heavy work gloves
* Disposable/digital camera
* Unscented liquid household bleach and an eyedropper for water purification
* Personal hygiene items including toilet paper, feminine supplies, hand sanitizer and soap
* Plastic sheeting, duct tape and utility knife for covering broken windows
* Tools such as a crowbar, hammer & nails, staple gun, adjustable wrench and bungee cords.
* Blanket or sleeping bag
* Large heavy duty plastic bags and a plastic bucket for waste and sanitation
* Any special-needs items for children, seniors or people with disabilities. Don’t forget water and supplies for your pets.

A component of your disaster kit is your Go-bag. Put the following items together in a backpack or another easy to carry container in case you must evacuate quickly. Prepare one Go-bag for each family member and make sure each has an I.D. tag. You may not be at home when an emergency strikes so keep some additional supplies in your car and at work, considering what you would need for your immediate safety.

* Flashlight
* Radio – battery operated
* Batteries
* Whistle
* Dust mask
* Pocket knife
* Emergency cash in small denominations and quarters for phone calls
* Sturdy shoes, a change of clothes, and a warm hat
* Local map
* Some water and food
* Permanent marker, paper and tape
* Photos of family members and pets for re-identification purposes
* List of emergency point-of -contact phone numbers
* List of allergies to any drug (especially antibiotics) or food
* Copy of health insurance and identification cards
* Extra prescription eye glasses, hearing aid or other vital personal items
* Prescription medications and first aid supplies
* Toothbrush and toothpaste
* Extra keys to your house and vehicle
* Any special-needs items for childrenseniors or people with disabilitiesDon’t forget to make a Go-bag for your pets.

And while you’re getting prepared, you might also want to help those struck by the tragedy in Japan, but if you do so, Mission Mission blog reminds you to do so responsibly.

Stay safe, San Francisco.


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